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Turmas in wine vinegar

Turmas in wine vinegar.


The turmas, Jerusalem artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes,… are tubers cultivated in Bajo Aragón, it is a perennial plant that reaches up to 3 meters in height, the element of use being its roots, a white tuber, 7 to 10 cm long and 3 to 5 cm thick.


They are collected between the months of November to December, cutting the bush and tearing off the tubers, which are washed and selected manually to be then introduced into the fermentation vessels with government liquid for a minimum of six months, carefully controlling its fermentation periodically.


Its flavor is unmistakable, soft, crunchy and with a slight earthy nuance.


It is known in folk medicine as an aphrodisiac, diuretic, spermatogenic, and tonic, and is also a remedy for diabetes and rheumatism.


Its composition: Water 80%, Proteins 1.12%, Fats 0.13%, Carbohydrates 1.64%, Cellulose 0.35%, extractive materials 16.06%.


The production process begins at the moment of collection on our farm, when the turma is at its best harvest moment, with a hard and crunchy texture, white inside and cream on the skin, packed in wine vinegar .


Artisanal preparation, natural fermentation to achieve an exceptional flavor, without preservatives or additives. A true pleasure for the palate since 1954


Ingredients: Turmas, wine vinegar, water and salt.



It is sold in a 200 gr bottle for the final consumer.

Also available in a 1,500 gr plastic jar and a 2,500 gr bucket for catering.


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